Looking for a freelance communication officer? The communication officer: responsible for the image of the company.

A freelance communications manager is one of the people who directs the image of the brand. He thus animates the tools of this communication, and sometimes he himself created them. All businesses, whatever they are, need to communicate with their audience. This communication concerns different media (print media, press releases, website, etc.) and sometimes several core professions, it is a work in itself. This is therefore provided by a communication officer.

This is a cross-cutting task, including following end-to-end projects. For example, when carrying out an advertising campaign, the communication officer must take into account the budget allocated to him, contact the service providers for the realization of the supports and give them clear indications on their contents. Once the materials have been produced, he will also organize the campaign.

Thus, a freelance communication officer may have to organize all kinds of events: exhibitions, seminars, travel ... He can realize or have written or visual media, such as press kits for example. The work of a communication officer varies according to the company in which he practices. Its function is really transversal when it supports all the communication.

In large stores, however, it will almost always depend on a team. In this case, it is placed under the direction of a communication director or a communication manager, in the same way as other employees. In this case, the communication officer is responsible for creating and animating only one aspect of the communication of the company.

The freelance communication officer participates in the image of the brand. The message can be of several orders. He therefore takes care of the communication:

  • Internal: to the company itself. This includes its employees, but also its shareholders and managers.
  • Commercial: the most famous, the one aimed at selling a product.
  • Event: at a trade fair or conference.
  • Digital: this includes social networks or e-mailing, for example.

The missions that can be entrusted to a freelance communication officer are as follows:

  • To develop the strategy in question: for that, it will have to work with the marketing department, if it exists. This involves setting clear goals.
  • Its implementation: choice of partners and providers and dissemination of media. A communication officer may have to make these supports himself. That's why editorial and visual skills are welcome, and sometimes even essential.
  • Observation of the results: he follows and participates in the course of the campaign, and draws a return on investment (ROI). The improvement of the reputation, an increase of the sales or the attendance of the company are all possibilities.

The qualities of a freelance communication officer. The job of communication officer is a job covering different realities. This is especially true for freelancers, who must collaborate with companies from diverse backgrounds. He must be a good copywriter, have concepts in graphic design, industrial production process ... He must have knowledge of marketing and communication, and must be prone to human relations.

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