Freelance Community Manager: the ambassador of your brand, serving its reputation

Born from the emergence of Social Media on the Internet, the job of community manager has become a strategic position in business but also an essential function that is exercised independently. The profile of the freelance community manager: both spokespeople and editorial leader.

The role of the community manager is to be the link between the brand and its customers / users. He is the representative of the brand, the company or the product on the Internet. From a rather editorial profile, his job is to embody the company and its products on the Web to encourage membership. Thus, he speaks on social networks or other online communication tools, on behalf of the company. Its field of intervention covers both the watch on the news of the company or the brand, the creation of content as well as the animation of communities.

The community manager ensures the visibility of the company within social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube. This online presence increases the visibility of the brand and creates greater proximity with its customers. It can thus intervene on the development of the notoriety of the company by the realization of actions webmarketing: referencing of the site, netlinking, partnerships between websites, etc.

The freelance community manager provides digital content (blog posts, photos, videos, computer graphics) to ensure what is called the Social Media Optimization (SMO). The job is therefore at the crossroads of several editorial skills: at the same time journalist, referencer, graphic designer. By creating a community around the brand, the goal of the community manager is to federate and retain users. He must also animate this community to create commitment. For this, it will produce and broadcast content on social platforms frequented by its targets. He dialogues with Internet users, informs them, answers their questions, moderates contributions, leads debates, etc.

The missions you can assign to a freelance community manager are many, especially if you represent an SME or a TPE. They can relate directly to the presence of your company on social networks, for rather operational missions. For example :

  • Animate your presence on social networks (your Facebook pages, Twitter and Instagram accounts) by regularly posting content produced by you or it will be able to achieve.
  • Initiate a dialogue with Internet users who subscribe to your accounts: answer questions, launch debates or polls.
  • For more marketing purposes, the freelance community manager can also support the implementation of online events: a contest, for example, which aims to unite your community of users or customers.

Other missions, more strategic, will be more of the audit and the design of a social media strategy at the service of your company. For example :

  • Conduct a social media audit: this is for the freelance community manager to analyze your online presence and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy by asking if it is relevant to build and develop a community.
  • Develop a social media strategy: in this case, the freelance community manager offers you, for each type of social network, an aporoche to adopt according to your objectives.

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