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The function of a designer is to create an object that adapts perfectly to the function for which it is intended. Cars, furniture, video games ... These everyday objects have all been followed by a designer so that they are ergonomic and well thought out. Often working as a team, sought after by the industry, the designer is as close to the creative community as to the scientist.

The designer, expert in ergonomics. Everyday objects, to fulfill their function effectively, must meet certain conditions. Take, for example, the automotive sector: when designing a car, it must be ensured that the driver can settle comfortably, that driving can be done safely and that the different functions will be at hand.

It is the job of the designer to plan all this before a production. He designs, then develops new products, often intended to be made in industry. In addition to the automotive sector, the freelance designer can be used by many other sectors. Some professionals have specialized in packaging, that is to say the packaging of products. Do they put the product forward? Can they be opened easily?

Other designers are embarking on sectors that do not have a priori industrial vocation. This is particularly the case in the fields of gastronomy, webdesign or architecture. For example, in the latter case, it is for the designer to rethink housing or sales areas. Decorators or architects are considered as designers.

The job of designer regularly involves teamwork. Whether in freelance or agency, the designer can depend on a product manager who supervises. He also collaborates with the company's communications and marketing department.

The missions of the freelance designer. Since designers are sought after in several sectors of activity, their missions are likely to vary. That said, their core business still retains the same optics: making objects that can be used simply while remaining functional.

For this reason, the mission of a freelance designer is to:

  • Take stock of the need that led to the creation of the product, and thus to identify the expectations of users. If necessary, the designer conducts investigations for this.
  • Reflect these expectations in the form of a finished and functional product.
  • Choose the materials used for production.
  • Respect the standards in force, especially in terms of safety.
  • Take into account the allocated budget: any product must not exceed the expected production costs.
  • Take into account respect for the environment in production.
  • Once this work is finished, the designer's task does not stop there: he also follows the production of the object. This is a necessary characteristic to become a freelance designer: you have to be patient because between the design and the production stage, it can take several years (on average from one to three years).

Choose a freelance designer. Patience is not the only quality required by the designer. Above all, it must have a great practical sense. He must know how to take into account a set of specifications. In case of need, we must know how to accept to question ourselves: remember that teamwork is inseparable from the job of designer. In addition, the designer is a person living in the air of time. Whatever its sector of activity, it has modes and techniques evolving. A freelance designer must take this into account to create a product that is at the forefront.

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