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The work of the freelance photographer. Whether in the world of fashion, the press, cinema or simply when dealing with individuals, the photographer has a busy daily, but always varied. This professional is primarily an image specialist. It is therefore he who is responsible for making photographs, which does not only involve pressing a trigger.

Indeed, even in the case of photo reports where the worker can not ask a crowd to stop moving, he must choose a suitable angle and light for shooting. In addition, when the shots are taken, a treatment work also awaits the freelance photographer.

The freelance photographer can practice in different organizations. He is interested in the press for his photo reports (including the magazine press, but we do not speak of "paparazzi" in the world of the press people). In advertising agency, he must know how to create a perfect shot, but also ensure retouching during what is called "post-production". And then, there is also freelance photographer services to individuals. These people propose to take photographs of events (weddings or communions, for example), or simply to make portraits.

The photo sessions can take place in a photo studio owned by the photographer. Indeed, the development of digital boxes has also made this type of equipment available to professionals and semi-professionals.

The profession of photography is extremely vast since all people and companies may need visuals at a given moment. That said, the general offer (rather for individuals) is already strong: to make its way, it is necessary to learn about the demand in the various sectors and to be versatile.

What can a freelance photographer offer? The mission of a photographer takes place in three stages:

  • It first sets up the elements necessary for the shooting. This is especially true during a studio session, where the professional has everything he needs to optimize the light and the angle of view. If he works outside, he must think upstream of the equipment he will need (lenses, flash, sunshade, microphone if a sound is needed ...).
  • He then realizes the shots. Outdoors, it must adapt to the ambient light: it must be able to make shots exploitable even if it is night (beyond the material, it simply implies to know how to use a digital camera).
  • Once the photos are taken, the photographer selects the best for his clients. In some circles such as fashion or advertising, these few shots are likely to be modified before publication. In this case, it may happen (but it is not systematic) that this task is the responsibility of the photographer, although it is not systematic.

How to choose a freelance photographer? To solicit new customers, the book is simply indispensable to a freelance photographer. This is his best asset to convince new people to trust him. The CV may also be useful to him, especially if he intends to specialize. For example, for a fashion photographer, a simple training in photography may not be enough.

Customers, on the other hand, are looking for specialized professionals because the working methods are not the same from one sector of activity to another. For this, many photographers start as assistants. This allows to build a first experience and a network and to acquire good reflexes.

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