The freelance web developer, expert in the creation of websites and mobile applications.

A freelance web developer is a programmer who develops websites or web applications, independently. In concrete terms, its role is to translate the design (which mainly relies on specifications illustrated or not with examples of pages) into a software tool (the site or the application). A web developer has a profile and a rather scientific and technical background. He masters - to exercise his missions - computer languages ​​specific to the Web, PHP for example.

The web developer profession was one of the first to be self-employed. It is one of the most represented professions and many students in web development now decide to start their professional career by being freelance. Contrary to popular belief, there are no academic prerequisites to become a web developer. However, many universities and schools offer web development courses. Web development projects require knowledge and skills in the following areas:

HTML / XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, for the part of the development dedicated to the interactions and the graphic interface. Mastering the technical implications of the server side (where the site is hosted) and the client side (the web browser). Programming in one of many server-side or frameworks (eg, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, ASP, ASP.NET). The ability to use and manage a database.

The specialization of the freelance web developer that you must choose for your project also depends on the CMS you use, ie the content management tool that provides the back-office part of your site: WordPress, Drupal or Joomla for example. Each tool has its own conventions, especially for the realization of a graphic theme. This implies a strong specialization. Know that in this area, WordPress has an overwhelming dominance (28% of the web would be powered by WordPress).

The missions that can be entrusted to a Web Developer Freelance: full-stack, front-end or back-end? For the creation or the maintenance of your Internet site, the freelance web developer intervenes at the same time on the server side, ie at the level of the back-office of your site, and at the level front-end, on the characteristics of the interface. This involves translating all visual elements of the site or application into features, as well as all web and API services that are needed to power the tool's interface.

Some web developers are specialized. You'll find front-end developers, specialized in the graphical appearance of websites, and back-end developers, more oriented to the back office, ie the management tool that you use to administer your business. site. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main tasks that you can assign to a web developer:

  • Carry out maintenance tasks on your website: updates to the CMS (the content management tool), installation of a plug-in, installation of a security update.
  • Implement functional changes on an existing site: Add new pages, new features to your website or application.
  • Complete creation of a site or an application. Be careful, before you start the project with a developer, it is important to define your need, with the help of a web designer or an ergonomist.
  • Optimize a website, especially in terms of SEO. This type of mission may require the support of an editorial consultant or SEO consultant.

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