Hello I am Achraf Maadadi, I am a Video editor ,Photographer and Video producer based in Agadir (Morocco).
I have always been passionate about cinema and everything that concerns images .My goal is to achieve a product that is creative, professional and unique for all our clients.

I have degree in film and television production and over five years of experience working as a Filmmaker .I have the vision, skills and experience to take scripts and turn them into unforgettable films .I have also created a few scripts myself that have proven to be very successful, which will give you a good idea of the type of work I am capable of providing .

I have been in this business long enough to have contacts in the industry and I possess excellent negotiating skills that help me find the perfect locations for filming .I have experience auditioning actors and a knack for choosing the best performers based on the type of film.

I am familiar with editing software and other programs and I am very familiar with social networking sites and the benefits they have to offer the film industry. I am very detail oriented with the ability to notice those little things that can increase the success of a film.

I have great leadership and organizational skills needed to keep the production on schedule and running smoothly .My resume will give you a more detailed view of my work history and experience and I am positive that I can be a valuable member of your organization.

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Achraf M.
Achraf M.

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