Find FORMER and/or NON-PRACTICING Nurses and Medical Professionals in US

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To meet the coming enormous demand for medical professionals due to the global pandemic, we are looking to assemble as long a list as possible of FORMER and/or NON-PRACTICING medical professionals – people with medical degrees of any kind who are no longer actively working in healthcare per se. They may be in education, stay-at-home workers, administrators, retired, or working in another industry or in a different capacity.

If you have access to databases, software applications, or scrapers that may help with this query, I'd be interested to know. Or, if you have ideas for how best to perform this complex query, I'm interested in your consultation.


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3 months ago


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Find FORMER and/or NON-PRACTICING Nurses and Medical Professionals in US


Mounia B.
Mounia B.
Hi, I am interested in your offer. Can you please get in touch with? Thank you. Best Regards.
3 months ago

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