International SEO Copywriter needed

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International SEO Copywriter needed

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Hello :)
We are looking for one or two SEO copywriters for a long term partnership, in the following languages : Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Chinese, Norvegian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish. We privilege native and fluent people. If it's your mothertongue that's a must. If you can also write in another language such as Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Corean or Russian that's obviously a huge plus too.
FYI, we can also have last minute demands, which means that the long term partnership would implicate series of punctual missions. Available pretty soon.
Contact me if interested and if you do have a previous experience in SEO copywriting or for any questions,

Best regards

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Contract type Freelance contract
Budget Small project (250 - 1000 €)
Time limit Unknown time limit
Location (Remote job)

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6 months ago

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