I’m a very determined person and I love working in challenging situations where I can express all my skills. As a matter of fact, during my engineering studies, I opened my horizons deciding to spend a semester abroad (Finland), to participate in volunteer activities and to work as a teacher in a professional institute. All this, without losing time for graduation, obtaining good marks and performing a thesis really time consuming.
I’m very attracted by organizational and logistics activities, such as supply chain and warehouse management, even if I stay opened to all experiences that could enlarge my knowledge as an engineer and a woman. In fact, as a SAP Consultant, I have performed activities that let me see different industry markets, understanding their constraints and trying to find the right solution for each case. Additionally, this work involved a full dialogue with customers in order to answer to their needs, including meeting with clients, identifying and evaluating their demands, helping clients in customizing their business domains, making systems compliance with the specific case and proving the necessary training.
All the experiences above made me quite inclined to talk in front of an audience, even if I’m quite shy. The result is that, due to my focus on the objective, I can perform well even when great barriers have to be broken. In addition, they made me more open minded, more curious, more ambitious, more oriented to live in a multicultural environment, more humble and assertive to work in group and to learn from somebody’s else experience and knowledge.

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Francipane C.
Francipane C.

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