Looking for a freelance webdesigner? Essential talent for graphic design and ergonomics

The freelance webdesigner is now essential for all digital projects. The job of webdesigner is to ensure the design and graphical realization of the entire interface of a website or a mobile application. The job of webdesigner - which counts many freelancers - requires both technical and graphic qualities.

Webdesigner freelance: a hybrid profile half-graphic, half-developer. The webdesigner specializes in creating the interface of web pages. At the same time graphic designer, computer scientist and ergonomist, his choices condition the visual aspect of the website or the application as well as the way of interacting with the elements of the site (links, buttons, forms, etc.). He takes care of all the ergonomic and graphic aspect of the website. He chooses the photos of illustration, their positions on the pages, the typographies, the size of the characters, the colors, etc. It also realizes pictograms that facilitate reading and navigation. In most cases, it is necessary to define the graphic charter (also called the style guide) and to create the visual identity of the site.

The working context of the freelance webdesigner is particularly constrained. By the technique: the graphic appearance of a website is usually based on a theme, ie a template that must be adapted for its own graphic needs. The loading time of pages is also an important constraint element. Accessibility is also at stake: there is indeed a set of rules to respect for the site to comply with accessibility criteria and standards in force (including those enacted by the W3C).

In addition to these constraints, the freelance webdesigner must also respect the customer's request, the communication and marketing imperatives, the SEO requirements and, of course, those of the target audience. The freelance web designer usually masters graphics software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape) and knows the accessibility rules. His skills also cover ergonomics, in order to design usable interfaces.
What missions can be assigned to a freelance webdesigner? Website redesign, graphic evolutions, responsive adaptation, etc.

As part of a new digital project or an already existing site, here are the missions that you can entrust to a freelance web designer (non-exhaustive list):

  • Define the graphic specifications (style guide) and develop the graphic chart according to the client's positioning, marketing needs and visual identity.
  • Realize the models of the site: positioning of navigation elements, texts and photos, choice of colors, etc.
  • Define the site tree: its architecture, the organization of pages and the different ways to access information.
  • Design and perform update or redesign tasks, including graphic elements to make the site compatible with the principles of "Responsive design"
  • Define and design online communication media for SEO or marketing purposes.

Choose your freelance webdesigner. It is important that you choose a talent whose graphic sensitivity is as close as possible to your expectations. His portfolio is the most important element for you to understand his graphic universe and the types of sites he has already achieved in the past. You'll find that some webdesigners have more prominent styles than others: flat design, one-page sites, and so on.

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