Frequently asked questions

You will find on this page the answers to your most frequent questions on the functioning of the 404Works platform, whether you are a freelance or a client. If we have forgotten something that seems essential to you, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can add it.

General questions

How does 404Works get paid if using the platform is free for customers and providers?

404Works has a "freemium" logic: most services are free for buyers and freelancers. However, freelancers can become Premium members to receive dedicated benefits (better visibility of the profile, contact details visible to customers, immediate responses to recent projects, etc.).

Does 404Works take a commission on projects?

No, we do not apply commission on missions. Providers and customers can use our services for free and manage the invoicing and payment of the missions.

Should discussions be held on 404Works?

No, you are free to chat via our private or live mail, by means of your choice (e-mail, phone, Skype, etc.) and even to meet you in real life. However, it is not allowed to communicate your contact data in public (in projects or proposals to projects), we invite you to share them via private messaging.

I can not access the features while my profile is validated

It is possible that your profile is validated but that your current session does not take into account this change. For this, we invite you to disconnect and reconnect. You should have access to all the features of the site.

How to close my account on 404Works?

If you are a freelancer, you can choose the "Unavailable" status on your profile, in Edit my profile, then Freelance profile. Your profile will no longer be referenced in the directory and you will no longer receive requests. However, you can ask for the final closure of your account, which is done by a member of our team. Once logged in, go to the Close Account form. Do not hesitate to tell us the reasons for closing your account to help us improve our services.

404Works for buyers

How to register as a buyer on 404Works?

To register as a buyer on 404Works, choose the type of Buyer account when you register. A member of the team will quickly validate the creation of your account. You will then be able to access all our services and contact the freelancers.

Which providers will I find on 404Works?

On 404Works, you will find thousands of freelance providers, specialized in digital: graphic designers, developers, ergonomists, SEO consultants, but also editors, photographers, motion designers, etc. All providers registered on 404Works are validated to provide you with the best profiles.

Why post a project to find a freelancer?

If you do not have time to browse the list of providers, this is the most effective way to quickly find the right profile. After posting your project, it is validated by our team. The providers that match your needs are alerted. They can ask questions about your ad or offer you quotes directly.

How to start a private discussion with a freelancer?

To contact a provider in private, simply send him a message via his profile page, by clicking on the button Send a message. Private messaging allows you to brief your provider and negotiate the amount of his service. Be as specific as possible in your quote request so that the provider can quantify your need.

I found my freelance, how to stop receiving proposals?

After posting a project, you can close this project to stop receiving proposals. To do this, go to My projects, you access the list of your published projects. Choose Close to close the project for which you no longer wish to receive a reply.

When and how can I pay the provider?

The payment terms are to be discussed directly with the providers. 404Works does not get involved in the contractual relationship you have with the service providers. We focus on connecting :)

What VAT rate applies to the services I order?

It depends on the status of the provider. If he is a self-entrepreneur, in France, VAT is not applicable. In the majority of other cases, the VAT will be 20%. In any case, it is up to the service provider to define the VAT rate when issuing an estimate.

404Works for freelancers

How do I register as a freelancer on 404Works?

To register as a freelancer on 404Works, choose the type of Freelance account when you register. Then fill in all the fields in your profile and ask for its validation. If your profile is accepted, you will be able to access all our services and send proposals on projects.

Why my profile is not validated?

The main reasons are: Your profile picture is not a portrait: a real profile picture is required for validation (logo or drawing not allowed). There are typing errors: for example, the First Name and Last Name fields do not contain the correct information. All information is not correctly entered. If you think you have correctly filled in your profile, you can request its validation.

Can I contact a customer directly?

You can send proposals on projects published by customers. On the other hand, only the customer can initiate a chat via private messaging. You are alerted by email when a customer sends you a private message.

Why is it not possible to send a proposal to a recent project?

The most recent ads are reserved for our Premium members who have priority access.

Why my name and contact information do not appear on my profile?

The display of full contact details (full name or name of your company, link to your site, telephone, e-mail, etc.) is reserved for our Premium members.

How are profiles classified in the Freelance directory?

Several criteria are taken into account in the ranking order of profiles, including the level of information profiles, their seniority, etc. In addition, our Premium members benefit from a privileged position within the directory.

How to change my credit card for the payment of my Premium subscription?

You can change the credit card associated with the payment of your subscription by contacting our support. You will then be asked to renew your subscription via the secure payment form, with your new card. In no case we will ask you to send us your bank details by e-mail.

How to cancel my Premium subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, from your member area, in My account, Premium section, choose Request cancellation. After your confirmation, the cancellation will be effective for the next billing period. You will therefore retain the benefits of your Premium Account for the billing period already paid and you will not be charged thereafter. If you have chosen the monthly payment, you keep the Premium benefits one month after the date of your last withdrawal. If you have chosen the annual payment, you keep the Premium benefits one year after the date of your last withdrawal. After confirming your request, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Then, at the end of the period, you will receive another e-mail informing you of the effective suspension of your account.

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