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What the freelance copywriter produces should be readable and enjoyable for the visitor. But he must also write texts in an optimized way, his work being one of the most important factors in the SEO of a site.

The freelance copywriter, both content generator and SEO tool. The freelance copywriter writes all the digital and print texts entrusted to him. This is a profession where competition is exercised in a very specific way. Indeed, it is less internationalized than in other environments, such as programming or graphics for example. At the same time, freelance writing is open to anyone with a mother tongue who wants to earn a salary supplement.

A professional freelance copywriter goes further, because in the case of digital content, the challenge for the company is also to have a good SEO on search engines. This is also what the freelance copywriter will do, because his work is the first to be taken into account by these engines. Most companies consider that writing web content is even inseparable from SEO. That's why they are numerous to look for writers knowing how to optimize the SEO aspect of their texts.

Missions of the freelance writer: between digital content and print content. The missions of a freelance copywriter concern in most cases digital media: e-commerce, mobile applications, e-mailing campaigns ... That said, a non-negligible part of the tasks is intended for print media, for the creation of a leaflet or a poster for example. The professionals are also brought to collaborate with the world of the press. Here are the missions that are entrusted to the freelance copywriter:

  • It answers the marketing aspects of the texts (who is their target audience? What is the tone to adopt?). This is called a copywriter.
  • It has a research work to do, depending on the nature of the mission: writing a technical documentation will require much more research than a sheet presenting a sports bag.
  • Obviously, he takes care of the actual writing. This implies a perfect command of the language, be it spelling, grammar or conjugation.
  • He takes care of the SEO optimization of his texts, that is to say to ensure that they are well referenced on the search engines. This optimization involves keeping an eye on updating the search engines.

Choose a freelance copywriter. In general, what drives an editor to start as a freelancer is his natural curiosity: often these professionals have varied hobbies. For a company looking for a provider, this aspect is important: if you need a sharp article on scuba diving, needless to say, you will prefer an editor who is also a certified diver!

Here are some criteria to choose your freelance copywriter:

  • His experience: the number of missions already carried out or the seniority are excellent indices of the quality of an editor.
  • His CV and his portfolio: the first will tell you more about what he is passionate about (and therefore his areas of expertise) and about his training. The latter is less relevant than in other sectors, but a clear and well-optimized text is always evidence of effectiveness.
  • The recommendations, which give an idea of ​​a worker's reputation. 

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Sylviane - Jet d'encres
Writer, Journalist,...
Hugo Sanchez
Community manager, ...
Catherine M.
Translator, Writer,...
Jovanah Toussaint
Writer, Content man...
Solenne Ricard
Webmaster, Writer, ...
Magali Laguillaumie
Elsa Bourdot
Writer, Journalist,...
Esther Buitekant
Editorial manager, ...
Viviane Georget

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