7 tips for our Premium subscribers

4 years ago

You just joined us as a Premium freelance member? As you are new to us and your satisfaction is important to us, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your 404Works membership and experience. Indeed, rigor and diligence are essential to make the most of your subscription.

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Complete all the sections of your profile (with a photo) and your portfolio

For your profile to have the best visibility, it is important that it is correctly filled in and that your profile photo is a real photo of you (ideally a portrait made by a professional photographer). Don't forget to complete your portfolio with your creations! Showing your know-how to your future customers is crucial to gaining their trust. As you can see, a full profile is important to encourage customers to contact you.

Respond quickly to projects and messages

To increase your chances of being contacted by clients, it is essential to respond to projects as often as possible: these are published by clients who need freelance quickly, sometimes even in emergencies. If you are the first to post a proposal, you will be contacted first. Your responsiveness also counts on private messaging: reply to all your messages to improve your statistics. In fact, your response time is displayed on your profile, and you might as well optimize it.

Connect as often as possible

When you connect to the platform, your "online" status is visible to customers and your profile appears before the profiles that are disconnected in the freelance directory. Note that this information (more precisely the date of your last connection to the platform) is also visible on your profile page. By logging in daily, you optimize your chances of being contacted by clients who want an immediate response from an available freelance.

Check that you receive our e-mail alerts

As soon as a project posted by a client corresponds to the trades entered in your profile, we will send you an e-mail alert. For this, it is of course necessary that the "Jobs" field of your profile is well completed. It is also useful to check that you have received our messages and that they do not fall into your Spam box. If so, add our shipping address to your address book and / or configure your email spam filter.

Get reviews on your freelancer profile

Reviews are essential to your reputation. Your profile will be much more consulted with opinions from your former customers. For recommendations, send your profile address to your contacts and encourage them to leave you a review, using the "Post a review" link at the bottom of your profile. It's quick and without registration. Do not hesitate to regularly raise your customers to get new opinions.

Be diligent and patient

Are you impatient to meet new clients? We understand you! Know that your efforts will end up paying if you are hardworking and persevering… Sometimes you have to be patient before coming across the right opportunity :)

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