Hello :)

You lack time or resources to
- Communicate with different target audiences
- Write reports, print materials or web content
- Audit your web marketing strategy or your website

I'm here to help!
I can help you to develop your business.

My services?
- Diagnosis and recommendations, development of webmarketing and communication strategies, editorial strategy, operational implementation.
- Writing posts for social networks, blog articles, popular science articles, communication media (print, web, audio, video), and any other editorial content.
- Bibliographic research and state-of-the-art writing, market research writing, audits, etc.

About me?
- With degrees in Webmarketing Strategies and Digital Communication (MBA), Science Mediation (Masters) and Biostatistics (DEA), I've been working in the healthcare and research sectors for 25 years.
- Communication, statistics and science are at the heart of my job.
- I work with clients from a wide range of backgrounds: finance firms, construction, health, science, associations, asset management, tourism, R&D, etc., and I provide training courses leading to diplomas in communication and webmarketing.

On the lookout for trends, attentive to your requests and responsive, I attach great importance to satisfying the people I work with. Rome lover, I'm from Saint Malo and I have lived in Bordeaux for 25 years, so I'm always hesitating between "pain au chocolat" and "chocolatine" and I can never resist a marshmallow teddy bear.

Finally, as a digital nomad, I travel between Bordeaux, Luxembourg, Rome and Saint-Malo, where I'm always on the go.
Let's meet and talk! :)

See you soon!

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Sophie T.
Sophie T.

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