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I have built softwares and webapps since the start of the 21th century. Some workplaces have been located at Sophia Antipolis as Java Engineer in 2008, Aix-en-Provence between 2009 & 2013 as Java EE Consultant.

I have ever loved to resolve technical problems and get ahead with new challenges.
For your business projects, I am a FullStack Engineer. I am able to build your new software or webapplication or give a new life for old ones. Backend or Frontend tasks are ok for me too. Everything depends on what skills you need in your team. 20 years of work have made mine very wide.

I am looking for interesting projects. Technical and Human are two pillars very important for me, so be smart enough to discuss about that together if you want to hire me in your team.

Bundle sides, I am able to provide smart solutions to my clients. I can use many ways to deliver them securely : project direct editing with sync using SSH on remote server or send my bundles with SFTP on your remote server. I can use CVS, SVN, GIT or any specific procedure you have implemented in your enterprise.

I am listening my clients to deliver smart business solutions based on high quality, well tested, in acknowledged periods.

Adding to all of that, the following great things :
- get a free quote, but any sketch work asked to clear your needs is not free : from 500€ to 2500€.
- build from start to end webapplications to give an enhanced look and feel to your business, to your branding, to your products and to your services.
- I engage myself to deliver high quality bundles when I am working alone on your project as a fullstack developer.
- extended warranty periods for all signed projects for an amount greater than 5,000 euros.

I will learn about your functionnal requirements to bring them to life in your daily business. Do you want to run your business as soon as possible ? It's my work.

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Thierry Benda
Thierry Benda

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