Coder since the age of ten years (zx81) and musician / coder at the time of the "demoparties" Atari / Amiga (ASM), my passion led me to experiment many fields in the computer science and to build a solid expertise of architect.

I held a position of technical manager within a web marketing company (JVWEB) where I built a whole world so that it can always stick to the reality of the present while remaining open to the to come up.

I am comfortable with linux system administration and the OVH universe (shared, dedicated, cloud). I managed a cloud of about fifty virtual machines using a home BASH framework that coupled to a system of conventions, ensures consistency throughout the universe.

We can develop on a single VM where everything is brought together and deploy production on as many specialized VMs thanks to this system of convention.

Also, I have developed a homemade PHP framework that allows us a great scalability in terms of resource thanks to a powerful distributed computing system and a robust tail queue management.

One of my specialty is optimization: I can prepare a whole production line (from low server levels, through in-game services to application) to get the most optimal performance possible (eg for large xml flow processing up to 50 million offers)

I master :
- Linux
- Mikrotik (router, LTE, VPNs, ....)
- MySql
- Nginx / Apache
- HTML / CSS / javascript / ajax / jQuery / Bootstrap
- Google Apps for Work

Nothing prevents me from typing if necessary in other languages ​​like C, C ++, Python, Ruby or anything as long as an adaptation is necessary (eg I was able to adapt the suEXEC d apache to work with the linux kernel grsecurity patch)

I do not work for adult or illegal content.

Looking forward to working together

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Clermont-l'Hérault, France

I work remotely



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Xavier de Poorter
Xavier de Poorter

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