My name is Diana and i am passionate about words.
Why this passion and not a different one? Because it's difficult, it's challenging, it's beautiful! We live our lives while constantly being surrounded by words and it's our duty to interpret them, to make them reachable and beautiful so that the ones who might not have access to them, be able to discover and absorb them in the right manner.

"Playing" with words in translation, interpreting, copywriting or content creation means the will to give, patience, a sense of quality and well-done work, time-management, feeling nuances and subtilities, respecting the original message, the author and a continuously evoving language.

How did i acquire this ability? With the help of a Bachelor's degree in Translation/Interpreting, of a Master's degree in Creative writing and numerous work hours which alowed me to successfully answer to my customers' needs. To all of this i added patience, effort, determination and especially a lot of love for this job.

My wish is to continue to learn and progress through various and creative projects.

Trush me with your work and it will be worth it for you, that's a promise!

Have a wonderful day!

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La Rochelle, Romania

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Diana A.
Diana A.

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